Saturday, June 16, 2012

a voice from beyond.

It just started pouring outside.

I looked out the window as I heard it begin, and shouted, "you son of a bitch."

See, the weather has taken to turning foul whenever it's time for me to leave the house. I have to leave soon, so naturally it has decided to rain. Sun poking through be damned; not in my square mile. Elsewhere, sunshine. Here, the devil's wife is crying her eyes out.

I'm guessing you'd given up on me? It's not as if I couldn't be found elsewhere on the internets. I'm freaking EVERYWHERE really. Why wouldn't I abandon my one personal blog?

But I haven't. Try as I might, I will probably never really give it up - or tend to it properly.

Like right now for instance. I must be on my way to work some Social Justice in the form of scanning, and uploading, and file naming.

But I'll be back, eventually.

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