Friday, November 26, 2010

Drumroll Please: The Full Thanksgiving Menu

This year, we didn't know exactly what we were serving until it came down to actually cooking yesterday morning. But the good news is that this turned out to be our best Thanksgiving yet! All told I believe we prepared I think 12 individual items, for a total of 9 dishes. I'm most proud of the fact that several of the best dishes were on-the-fly inventions out of my head. These are recipes that I now have to try to write down, lest the be lost forever! And trust me, these gems should *not* be lost. Rather, they should be cherished in perpetuity.

The menu, in whole, when we finally did sit down 'round 4:30 or so, looked like this:
  • Spinach Dip with Herbed Crosstini*
  • Field Roast cranberry and hazelnut roast
  • Roasted root vegetables with apples and chikn*
  • Roasted sliced potatoes with savory herbs*
  • Whipped potatoes with onions and corn
  • Green Bean Casserole (amazing as always - thank you Liz!)
  • Macaroni and Cheeze with quinoa pasta*
  • Classic bread stuffing with mushrooms and onions
  • Spiced sauteed apples
  • Fresh Cranberry Sauce with orange rind and warm spices*
  • Crimini Mushroom Brown Gravy
  • Chocolate Creme Pie with chocolate graham crust*
Those items marked with asterisks are the foodstuffs that sprung fully formed from my head, like Athena from the skull of Zeus. (Except, you know, that I still had to cook them and everything.)

Are there pictures, you ask? Yes! There are pictures! That are still sitting in my camera. Good things come to those who wait. Like pictures... and recipes. ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A-tisket, A-tasket, a Mexican restaurant that actually has good vegan food!

Just a word on Papacitos in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you happen to pass by this "Mexican street food joint" on a Thursday or Saturday evening in the near future, there is just ever so small a chance that you will see me there - dining on an enormous plate of nachos (smothered in vegan Diaya cheese and sour cream and SoyRizo), and alternately getting up to sing Karaoke Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday songs. And who knows? Maybe a little Etta James... and the occasional 80's hit.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


OK, wow, I suddenly got crazy popular. Well, maybe that's an overstatement. But I've been on Etsy for like two and a half years and have maybe been included in four treasuries. And now suddenly, today I'm in two! Check it out!

My "gravity" letterpress print is in this cool space-themed treasury by jewelry designer LewisCooper - it's called Somewhere on the Next Planet. And then my Raingirl painting was included in Chapter One - We Met in the Rain by CicaleTDesigns... another jewelry designer. Wacky.

What does it mean??? They like me! They really like me!!! Yeah, maybe. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm just gonna say right here and now that I'm pretty sure I would risk getting arrested to see this. (As long as I really got to see it - spend some time there, take some pictures.) I would to to jail for a night for that. Yes, really. So... you know... if I call you up for bail...

I want to show you pictures, but I can find nothing in the public domain. You'll just have to check out the link.