Sunday, July 18, 2010


Update: OK. I have now established four shops, but they're all empty except for one. They won't stay empty! It goes like this:

bright. - - for the paper things: envelopes, journals, probably paperweights, not sure what else.

blank the plague. publications - - for the zines and possibly short stories and other writing. I've been using the name blank the plague. publications for a long time now. Yeah, like you don't know that.

Melissa Bastian - - for the arts. Paintings definitely, also mixed media stuff, prints, maybe some photography. Haven't decided definitely whether I'll sell that yet. I am not nearly as skilled as several others even just on the Vegan Etsy Team, much less all of the amazing artists on Etsy, so it's intimidating. I'm about capturing images... anyway. We'll see.

Libellule! - - for the nonsense! My fun jewelery, pins, stickers, I might start making silly crocheted things, maybe some wedding destash, I don't even know what all else.

I know four shops seems excessive, but I feel a need to compartmentalize and I'm sort of all over the place right now. Fingers crossed that a) I get my act together and get these shops really going, and b) anyone buys anything from them! Wahoo.

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