Saturday, June 12, 2010

four years and then some.

I wrote this poem almost exactly a year ago. I don't really ever write poetry, but sometimes one just infects my brain and demands to be spit onto paper. This one was like that. And today it seems particularly relevant. So here you go.

Forget me not
When you grow tired of me;
When dappled cheery sunlight falls to shadow,
And I am mixed instead among the ferns and stones.
Forget me not
When I grow weak and weary,
When bones groan more plaintively
Than Grandmother's rocking chair.
Forget me not
When my blue wedding dress has turned a
Faded yellow-gray,
When words stop pouring for pain of pointing pen.
Because "till death do us"
Means till the sweet, or bitter,


Genevieve said...

Damn, have you guys been together for four years now?

melissa bastian. said...

Yes ma'am. May 16, 2006. I know right?