Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why blogs are living in my head.

I am getting married in 9 days! I am living in a state of perpetual panic. Here are things that I will write posts about if I ever compose myself enough to do so:

-criticism and praise of "Gumbo Tales" by Sarah Rhoan
-my weekend of four legumes in four days
-changes I noticed in New Orleans - those that make sense and those that don't...
-how a quiet little gray bunny rabbit can change your life
-the nature of panic
-what a cold, clear morning in New York City truly means
-my name: why I keep what I keep; why I'm letting go what doesn't feel like mine
-the various medical tests and medication changes I'm currently avoiding because I have too many other things to think about right now

There are probably others

The words are living in my head. At this point they're bombarding the inside of my skull, trying to smash themselves right through. But there are still thank you cards to make, there's still packing to do, oh my stars and garters where does the time go.

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