Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm actually impressed by a local politician.

I didn't blog yesterday. It was weird.

Anyway, this morning an interesting thing happened. As has happened so many mornings lately, as I was mounting the train platform today there was someone handing out political fliers for tomorrow's election. The unusual part, though, was that the person handing them out was the person on them - Lynne Serpe. There was no press around, no fanfare. It wasn't some sort of stunt. She was just out there with the constituents, putting her face out to the crowd. I know little of her other than she's been pushed pretty hard in my neighborhood, and that she's a green party candidate. But I must say, I have some respect for anyone who will go out there and do it for themselves.

I understand the importance of local government. I do not, however, educate myself as I should to actively participate in it. It's one of my failings. What excuse do I have? I'm busy? Yeah. Who isn't.

Maybe you're not a lazy bum like me, and you'll get out there and vote tomorrow (or whenever your local elections are), and even know some things about who you're voting for and why. I hope so - more intelligent and informed people need to take an interest. Local government is what actually makes a difference in what happens around you, far more so than national government almost ever will.

Yep, I know it. Nope, I still don't do anything about it. Depressing huh? Perhaps we can all learn from my shortcomings?

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Woman of a Certain Age said...

You know, I didn't vote for Lynn Serpe, but the person I did vote for (Gerry Kann), I voted for because of exactly this reason. I've seen him at various locations all over Astoria for YEARS--first gathering signatures for Nader, then for another Green Party candidate, then for himself as a Green candidate. This time he was running on the Populist ticket. And even though I'm more Green than Populist (and have no real problem with Vallone), I voted for him because I just think he's an outstanding Astorian. Which is funny, because really all he's doing is doing what he thinks is right.