Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm very particular when I address an envelope. I check and double check the recipient's house and apartment numbers, go over the spelling of the street (and city, if it's unfamiliar) three or four times. I check my own address a couple of times as well - just in case. I place the stamp carefully, squarely in the corner. If the envelope is at all heavy, I add extra postage.

Walking to the mail box, I check the envelope a few more times. Is it sealed? Are all the parts of the address really there? Did I remember postage? I do one (or two) more checks before I slip it in. Once I do, I check to make sure it really got in there and isn't caught halfway.

And then, a moment or a minute or ten minutes or half an hour later, I have a split second panic. Did I put the address?! Did I seal it?? Did I put postage on it!??

Heaven help me - heaven help us all - when I mail the invitations.


Tom said...

It took me three weeks to mail a card to someone because I wanted to make sure the name was "Megan" and not "Meagan," and I couldn't get the info at the random times I thought about it. Then, when I found it spelled in my own address book (go figure), I worried that I'd written it wrong initially. Then I had to track down some random email written weeks before the three weeks before I started worrying about it to find the name.

What I'm saying is, I have no idea what you're talking about.

melissa bastian. said...

Clearly you're a complete stranger to this predicament.

lopsidedpigeon said...

You have spoken to my most gripping of OCD tendencies.