Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A brief update.

It's been a minute huh? Well I'm already late to work, so there's no use in hauling ass now. So here's the abbreviated rundown:

-finished getting everything out of the old apartment, gave back the keys (finally!) last Friday

-still have LOTS of unpacking to do... some of which can't be done until we buy some more furniture

-still have to figure out what to do about my studio... anyone want to rent a lovely studio in long island city?

-on Sunday early morning, headed out to freaking DELAWARE to help my attorneys with their first day of our new trial which started Monday. It was a crazy 36 or so hours; came home on the train last night. Napped all the way back, which was the first time I'd had a moment's peace really. Sunday I worked from noon till 11pm... eyeah.

And now it's now. I'm exhausted, which is why I'm running slow, which is why I'm not going to be at work until 9:30... or later. But the thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm there until 10pm... or later.

Speaking of which, I gotta go.

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