Thursday, April 9, 2009

In work world, April = balls.

Work is completely fucking insane right now, and has been for like two weeks. It is now at a point where I have to choose between being physically exhausted and sometimes sick from trying to work too many hours and being more stressed out because things that really, really needed to happen didn't get done. So, so beyond OK.

Actual email I had to send out today (names have been changed to protect the innocent / fool people who might be able to fire me):

Below are the seven deposition transcripts I was not able to locate out of everything we served p&l's for. 5 of them are from (that dude) so we may be able to attain them from him. But given everything else we're expected to push out today, it's not something I think I should be spending time on. I am going to send what we do have today; perhaps we can collect the few left and get them sent by Monday.

As for printing out all of the summary judgment documents, B is plugging away. But it is an absolutely enormous task, and honestly not one that can realistically be expected to be accomplished in one business day - not with AR calling B every 10 minutes needing yet another piece of info, printers that jam every tenth page (literally), other people needing to print, and very few people available to help. I haven't even gotten to start helping yet because I've been collecting transcripts and trying to help S prepare for her dep tomorrow, so it's just been B and R. A was going to help after court, but I understand she now has another assignment. L is wrapped up in her trial, as is J.

Bossman, you know I'm not prone to complaining about a large task, but I simply have to express this - asking us after 5pm last night to have this done and sent out fed ex today is unrealistic and has caused an extremely stressful situation. Particularly as it comes on the heels of a week plus of similar demands. I know it's foolish to call things "unfair", so I'll simply say that this is not conducive to a positive or productive (or even acceptable) work atmosphere. I know you all do what you can to manage our workload, but sometimes the size of a task and the limits of our resources just aren't taken into account.
Working for the man. Beats working in a coal mine, I suppose. And it sure beats not working, in the monetary department at least. But it also sure as hell beats the crap out of anyone who tries to do it right.

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