Saturday, April 18, 2009

I owe you some sunshine.

Well, my new apartment is full of it - soaked in that wonderful natural light that I so cherish. It fills the space, with its high ceilings and wood floors and freshly painted walls, just inviting us in. There's even a skylight in the stairwell.

We did a good little chunk of moving today, thanks to the assistance of our friends Leslie and Walton (and their Land Rover). We took over three loads, which represented everything we'd thus far managed to pack, some clothes, and a few very small pieces of furniture. I'll count it as a productive day, even if we do still have much left to do.

The gods of parking were with us today - seriously, it was miraculous. About half an hour after our friends had texted to say they were on their way, I noticed that there was an open parking space right in front of our building. This does not happen. So when Jon was going out to smoke a cigarette, I told him to stand in it - just in case they happened to pull up in that few-minute window. And they did! Such luck just continued all six times we had to park - it was almost as good as having Monica the Magical Parking Charm in the car. Thank you parking gods!

Afterward we took them out to lunch at our favorite Japanese place in the neighborhood, which also happens to be on our new street. Ain't that convenient? It's also just around the corner from our favorite Indian place in the neighborhood - the one that MARKS VEGAN ITEMS ON THE MENU. Seriously. They use the word vegan. (Not remarkable for Manhattan, VERY remarkable for Queens.) Yes, we're pleased with our new location.

Then... we went and got walkie-talkies! How excited am I about these new toys? OMG so excited. See, the new place is big, and I'll be working in the back of the house and Jon will be in front, and our little old lady landlord who never leaves the house probably wouldn't appreciate our screaming at the top of our lungs to each other all the live long day... thus we justify the purchase of the best toy ever! Yes!!! More on this later, you can rest assured.

After all that I was totally wiped out and had to nap for several hours, and truth be told I haven't really recovered. I'm not sure what it is that my body is going through, but I'm beginning to suspect it's more than just prolonged stress or fatigue. So hard to say with all that's going on right now, combined with all the factors that are usually plaguing my body. Aargh.

Anyway, there ya go - a little bit of happiness and good news. Progress on moving, help from and yummy lunch with good friends, and new toys! Not to mention the PERFECT SPRING DAY that provided the best moving weather evah. All in all, a day to mark in the "plus" column.

* * *

p.s. - Jim! We love you for trying to make it out! No worries that we were done before you were finished with class. Next time we promise to not start until you get there and make you carry all the heaviest stuff. :)

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