Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Better homes and gardens. No really, gardens!

So... we found an apartment! And it's huge, and beautiful, and huge. Did I mention huge? Yes, we're staying in Queens. Our same neighborhood, even. We'll still have easy access to the restaurants, grocery stores, and subway stations that we know and love. But we'll be in a brand new space! I've never had this kind of move before. I'm kind of psyched about it.

It's the second floor of a two-story two-family - and you know what that means. NO MORE ABOVE-US NEIGHBORS! No more karaoke until all hours of the night! No more children running stampedes in circles above us, leading us to wonder if things will soon begin to rattle off of our bookshelves! But anyway. The owner, a little old lady with not much English, lives below. It's OK; we're quiet. And anyway, she'll love us forever after the first time we bake her cookies.

So, wanna see pictures? I'm thinking yes.

This is the long narrow room that runs along the front of the apartment, with large picture windows looking out onto the tree-lined street. It faces west, so we shouldn't have terrible hotness problems in the summer, and maybe we'll get some good sunset views. We are alternately calling this room the sitting room, the reading room, and the library. Our plan is to have bookshelves at each end and big comfy chairs in the middle... somehow. It's also where I will plant a gianormous x-mas tree with plenty of sparkly lights when the time comes.

This here is the dining room - the room I was standing in to take this picture is the living room which is of about equal size. That long front room is behind me. I tole ya, this place is HUGE. How much do you love the radiator cover?

How AMAZING are these floors? I'm totally a sucker for old hardwood floors! And really, who doesn't love genuine parquet? This is the boarder between the reading room and the living room.

The kitchen is fairly big, and has a nice open layout, but I might be most excited about this part - a pantry! I've never had a pantry before, and I'm pretty damn psyched about it.

Here's the room that will be our bedroom - it's all the way in the back of the apartment and faces the backyard, so it should be super quiet. As you can see, it has standard wood floors - I like those too. I'm slightly sad that this room (and the other small bedroom in the back, which will be my studio) don't have the crown molding that's up front, but so it goes. Yes, there's another bedroom. Also, up front, there's a small office / huge walk in closet type space that Jonathan will use for his computer-based pursuits.

Translation? Tons of shared space, plus personal space. All for the same that we're paying now for this apartment plus my studio, which I truthfully only get over to about once a week. It's a travesty to be spending so much on a space that gets used so little; I'll definitely spend more time in an in-house studio.

Oh, and I promised gardens! Well, the front yard is full of bulbs; many have sprouted long green leaves at this point in the season, and one crocus is even blooming! The backyard we don't really have access to, but we have a full view of it from the bedroom and my studio. In it is a fig tree and a grape arbor! Yeah, our landlord is totally a little old Greek lady. Of course right now everything is still dead from winter, but any minute now it will start leafing out...

So yes, we're happy. Moving is hard, and expensive, but this should lead to some very good changes for us. It will be a long couple of months, for sure. And we're going to have to buy some furniture! But in the end, I think we'll be in a much better position - both to follow our own pursuits, and to enjoy each other. That's the hope anyway.

As always, keep your fingers crossed for me. And for us.


Anonymous said...

Congrats hun!

wow...tat place looks amazing 0.0

lopsidedpigeon said...

Your new place looks truly magical. I *am* actually pretty jealous... especially of your floors since I have the ugliest carpet evah....
P.S. just read your post on Girl Scout Cookies... in which you very succinctly put forth the jumbled thoughts I've had on the subject... so, woot...

Tamarinara said...

oohhhhhh what a fucking fabulous place!!