Saturday, March 14, 2009

I haven't told you anything in forever.

Craziness is happening in the world, and specifically in my world, and I am utterly failing in my duty to keep you appraised of the situation. Of course, craziness can be like that.

First, I'm now officially published. Like, you know, by someone other than myself. The book is called "You Don't Know what You've Got: Tales of Loss & Dispossession". It's an anthology put out by Gryphonwood press. My name's on the cover! Where can you get it? Uhh, Amazon, believe it or not. I kind of don't believe it, but there it is. Now, do I suggest you run out and buy it? Well... it won't be the worst ten bucks you ever spent. There are a couple of mediocre stores in it and one that is really, really terrible, I feel obligated to warn you. But there are at least three or four that are amazing! Like really, like woah. And, you know, mine's in there. So... let your heart be your guide. But if you get it, let me know!

Second, the fibromyalgia zine (aka The Plague Project) is now available on my Etsy page. Has been for a while really. Sorry 'bout that. Don't know if any of you are just chomping at the bit to get your hands on a copy, but if you are, there ya go.

Third, just today - just this morning in fact! - I released a new zine. It's about the food industry. It's not a vegan zine either, though there is a lot of vegan information in there. I'm doing it now because Tuesday is my third veganniversary. Woo! It's called Vegetable Vegetable Mineral, and it too is in my Etsy store.

And now we move into the not so great news category. Fourth: Jonathan's probably moving out. We're trying not to break up. But something has to change, something big, and this is the closest we can get to a redo. It's backing up to where he started letting me force decisions on him. Or something. It may mean the end of us, but if it does it's because it was coming anyway. I don't know. It's all pretty upsetting... duh. To go from engaged backwards to just dating... it's not an easy thing. It's not as if we're going to see other people or anything though. We'll see how it turns out. Ho hum. Better to figure it out now than after we're married, right? Life, it is the complication.


Genevieve said...

I don't know what to address first, the publishing (amazing, man!) or the moving out (I'm sorry). I guess I just did! I must support fellow artists and learn more about food so I will check out the books.

What's going on with you and Jonathon? You sound ok, I mean, sad but functional.

melissa bastian. said...

It actually looks like the moving out bit will not be happening - or rather, he's moving but so am I - as in, we're moving. So that "we're living" in "our" place instead of him living in "my" place like he's always felt like it's been. It's not really like that, but perceptions are persuasive. I dunno. It's all pretty complicated; hopefully I'll be blogging about it soon.