Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What with the working, and all that...

OK. So things are a little hectic.

My body is still waging war on me. I'm not quite sure what it's so unhappy about, but it's being unhappy loudly. I'm doing what I can about it - my walking is basically relegated to the ten blocks between my office and my Manhattan train stop. I don't see any nice long enjoyable walks in the near future, which makes me full of the sadness.

My brain has been plenty active though. This tends to happen when I'm psycho busy at work. I work for eight or nine or ten hours on challenging assignments, and then I get home and my mind is all, "Hey! I'm so not done yet!" Unfortunately most of that energy is getting sucked into the internet. Some of it is productive - writing blog posts, for instance, or posting on the VeganEtsy message board, or writing articles for (and monitoring comments on) the Site that Shall Not be Named. I've written about a million restaurant reviews on SuperVegan - that's something right? Some of what I get up to, though... well, let's just say that there's only so many times a day a girl can check her "who hearts me?" page on etsy before she's officially qualified as obsessive. (Whatever that limit is, I'm thinking I've about tripled it.) But it's not all internet stuff. For example, I wrote a story for The First Line (again). They rejected it (again), but at least I wrote it.

As for work, well... once again, didn't I say I wasn't going to do this? Yep. But it doesn't seem that it can be helped. There's nowhere else for the work to go. Unlike before with the trial work, when it was just me and maybe one or two other people, now it's department-wide. And honestly it's still nothing close to what it was. I have no idea how I worked those 12 and 14 hour days - I must have been running on pure adrenalin, and it's no wonder that I got so sick. At this point I've stated to several people who could be considered bosses, out loud, that I will not work more than 10 hours a day. The day that someone in that office can look me in the face and tell me that's not enough is the day that I quit (again).

Anyway, the result of it all is that I'm exhausted. But I'm also being extremely productive in pretty much every area of my life. That's nothing to scoff at. I'm riding very, very close to the "overdoing it" line, and I'm trying to watch that. I think I'm still in balance for the most part; I'm a person that likes to be near the top end of "busy but not too busy".

At any rate. It's now after 9 pm and I haven't been home in over 12 hours; I'm camped out at the studio. It's time I got home to see my man. All too soon it'll be time to get in bed.

I need my rest, you know.

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Tom said...

I just posted something related to this very recently. I've not been getting much of any artwork done, and it's killing me. I made a little peace with it last night, but still...frustration. I'm not working 12 or even 10 hour days at the office, yet I never seem to be home, and the things I'm wanting to accomplish most aren't getting done, or aren't getting done fast enough. Argh.