Sunday, February 8, 2009

Third time's the charm people.

Before we begin, some background. For a couple of weeks now I've been submitting blog posts to a site that shall remain nameless. It seemed like a good idea - have my more informative pieces of writing published somewhere, anywhere, other than my own blog.

Well, I gave them the first post and they BUTCHERED it. My mistake was leaving in too much of my own voice - y'all know how I write. They don't want that. Despite the fact that I'm writing opinion pieces for the culture section, they want things to sound like newspaper reporting. Well OK. I'm not opposed to being edited - when it's good editing. This wasn't. Dear lord, it was gruesome. They had parentheses that ended but didn't begin and misused semicolons - unforgivable. And they'd removed words and phrases that made whole paragraphs lose meaning and context. It took me an hour and a half just to write down what I needed them to fix. At least they fixed it though; for the minute that it was up that way it was truly embarrassing to have my name on it.

About a week later I gave it another shot. This time I made sure that the writing was much tighter - less chance for them to utterly destroy my writing. Well, they made no comments on the writing, but rejected the piece... on the basis that I posted a similar version on my vegan blog before I gave it to them. See, they claim that if an article is posted on another site first, then google is more likely to pull up that site in searches. Which is absolute and utter bullshit. Google pulls up the site that gets the most hits, period. So guys, if other sites are coming up before yours, it's because yours sucks and no one reads it, OK? Anyway, I could totally see their point if I had posted the article on, say, Gothamist. (Yeah, as if they're going to be publishing me any time soon - dream of dreams.) But I didn't. I put it on my own blog, which gets 25 hits a week if I'm lucky. I don't even know how they found it. So I said a big what-ever and was pretty much ready to write them off.

But then, I listened to the voice of reason (uh, that is, Jonathan). It (he) said to give them one more chance before giving up. So I did. Again I spent extraordinary amounts of time and effort making sure the writing was as un-fuck-upable as possible. Lo and behold, it worked! The article was published before I woke up this morning. It only has three small changes, and they're all perfectly acceptable - two removals of emphasizing italics (whatever), and one insertion of a (properly used) semi-colon!

Yes, I'm pleased. So without further ado, please proceed here to read The Article They Didn't Fuck Up.


Genevieve said...

That's great, man! I'll give it a read.

melissa bastian. said...

I'm sure you could write for them too Miss Genny... if you wanna deal with them!