Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's probably because I'm *not* perfect.

So, work's been crazy. Last week was the wrapup of a long stretch of insanity. I went into Tuesday thinking that it would be a nightmare, and it ended up being rather calm. I went into Wednesday thinking it would be rather calm, and it ended up being a nightmare.

It was one of those days when too many people were asking me to do too many things, all on top of what I already needed to do. I kept losing track of what I was doing and what was still left to get done. I'd go to write it down and before I could even get pen to paper something else would have already come up. Naturally I did my best to finish everything, but I was stuck with a nagging feeling that I'd forgotten something.

Well, I'd forgotten something. And what that something was didn't become apparent until this morning. I came in to an email from my attorney saying that she couldn't find the notice of service on Lexis from when we turned over the documents from a search we did at a refinery. She's concerned about it because she's going to court to argue with the defendants about whether or not we can use the documents. TODAY.

So I checked. Now, I turned over the documents to defense coordinating counsel. And indeed, I created the notice that I did so. But I never sent it to co-counsel for filing. That, my loves, is a problem. See, we can go ahead and file it right now, but then anyone (like the judge) can look and see that it was filed today - the day we're going to court to argue about it. Doesn't exactly add credibility to our "but we provided them with all the documents" stance. We have a fed ex slip going to them on that day and all, but it's our word against theirs as to what was in that package, and while I don't want to say that defense would lie about it... aarg. It's just not good.

So, yeah, now my attorney's all freaked out, and I of course feel like she's totally disappointed and pissed off at me. But you know what? This is what happens when you give a person more to do than she can possibly keep track of, g0damnit.

By the time that Wednesday came, I'd written the greater portion of twenty different oppositions to summary judgment motions, sorted through a five box document production, and performed countless other tasks in the previous three weeks. (Less than three weeks, actually.) By the time that Friday rolled around, my body was so enraged with how much I'd been working and how stressed I'd been that it just shut down and I couldn't even come in.

It's frustrating to be put in a situation where you're being worked so hard that you're just bound to fuck up. And they put such high expectations on me. They tell me things like "you're the best paralegal we have." Which, hell, may be true for all I know. But it doesn't mean that I don't have limits.

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