Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it still "vanity publishing" if I don't call it The Great American Novel?

As you may recall, faithful reader, last weekend was bad. But I tried to turn the bad into good, or if not good at least productive, by writing a very long zine / very short book and publishing it through It's called "The Plague Project", it's basically about my experiences with fibromyalgia, and I've settled on calling it a book(let). It's for sale on lulu, and I ordered copies for myself so that I can sell it in my Etsy store.

So yesterday the book(let) came... and of course there are type-o's. The only really bad one is a word that got "ly" tacked onto the end of it that shouldn't have. Other than that, there are a few font-type problems: an italicization lost here, a serifed letter there. Then there are the omnipresent "things I would have rephrased", the truth being that I could rewrite any given piece every day for ten years, and each day I would find something that I would say just a little bit differently.

But overall, I'm pleased. Pleased that I put it together, pleased about how I published it, pleased about how it came out. Not to say that I'm overly pleased with myself. Sometimes I'm just actually happy with my projects, and this is just one of those times.

Lulu seems to be the right self-publishing house for me; you upload a PDF, so it looks EXACTLY the way you made it look. I wouldn't be happy if anyone or anything went dicking around with my very carefully crafted layouts and fonts. And they give you a nice glossy cardstock cover, and the paper inside is bright white and smooth. I do want to look into using recycled papers though.

I'll let ya know when you can get the book(let) on Etsy. Until then, um, something. Stuff. Yeah.

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