Friday, February 13, 2009

All to see the moon.

On Friday the 13th I worked for 13 hours. Another round of summary judgment motion responses is due on Tuesday, about 50 of them this time, and the attorneys can't really do their part on them until we paralegals have done ours. So our deadline was Friday. Likely you don't know what summary judgment motions are, nor should you care; all you really need to know is that writing oppositions to them takes quite a lot of time and work. I've written sixteen of them in the past two weeks.

Yesterday was the last big push... or should have been. Around 7:30 (pm) we realized that one of the important defendants had never gotten assigned; that opp has yet to be written. Naturally, it needs to be written by me. We also got five boxes of documents on Friday, around lunchtime. We've been waiting and waiting for these documents; they will be what allows us to prove our case in many instances (hopefully). Unfortunately, when they came we discovered that they're not in any particular order. Meaning that to use them, we have to look at each and every sheet of paper (thousands?) and sort them into categories that apply to us before we can use them - goodbye Monday off.

But anyway.

After my thirteen hours of work, I stumbled out of the office and out onto the 10pm midtown street. It was cold, but the outside air was welcome. As usual, I made it to the corner just in time to see the bus that I could have taken to the subway stop ten blocks north pulling away from the stop and out through the intersection. Ah, well. I walked slowly up the route I know all too well, and as is rarely the case after rush hour the train arrived just moments after I got to the platform.

And then, on the train, coming around the ninety-degree curve between Queensboro Plaza and 39th Street, I saw it. The moon, hanging there like two thirds of a mangled orange: the color of a pale pumpkin and enormous just above the warehouses of Long Island City. As if in response to the momentary bout of warmer weather we've been having, we were treated to a harvest moon.

Even in the midst of madness, we must still take time to revel in the beauty.

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