Monday, January 12, 2009

Something is wrong.

I'm not sure what's going on, but as of yesterday technology hates me. Not all of it, but enough of it for me to be suspicious. The first sign of trouble was actually from my blog - the combined one. It won't load. Oh, it'll load on Jonathan's computer and other people's computers, and as of today I know that it will load on my work computer. Just not on this one, the one on which it was created. It started after the birthday post went up. I don't get it. My computer just freezes, and I have to shut down firefox to get anything to happen.

Then, I tried to use my shiny new external hard drive. I plugged it in via USB and... nothing. Oh, it lit up with a weird little heartbeat type light, but it didn't pop up on my desktop or any finder windows. My first thought that was I'd made the classic moron move, and had bought a drive that wasn't mac compatible. But the internets confirmed that I'd correctly done my homework, and that there was no reason for it not to work. Naturally I sic'd Jonathan on the problem the minute he got home. All of his 17 computers have no problem recognizing it, including his mac.

Well OK. After some searching, chat rooms and bulletin boards and such, he discovered that I'm not, by far, the first person to have this problem. Apparently in versions of Mac OSX past 10.4.8 the damn os just stops seeing external hard drives. (I'm running 10.4.11.) And of course, since they came out with Leopard they're not really supporting Tiger any more, but I can't really run Leopard on this machine because I don't have the intel processers... Aarg, the constant "progress" of technology really irritates me sometimes. Jonathan's doing some kind of gadget whatchamahoozit (he looses me pretty quick when he talks computers) that may or may not make it work. Or, he will, but not tonight since he's working till midnight. Ho hum.

Then I tried out my new electronic scale, because I feel the need to quantify exactly how much weight a person can gain from scarfing Croatian wafer cookies for an entire summer. Anyway, I couldn't get that to work either. By that point I was fairly convinced that a small scale conspiracy was at hand. I mean, a bathroom scale? Really? These things are designed for the common man! I am college educated! This household item should not thwart me!!

Today seems to be going a bit better. Yesterday's problems are not solved, but at least no new ones have cropped up... yet.

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