Saturday, January 31, 2009

...aaand Jonathan wins the Boyfriend of the Year award.

I couldn't really leave the house today, what between being a pseudo-cripple and it being well, well, well below freezing outside.

My dear, darling Jonathan thought hard about how he should approach the situation, and came up with the following:

-Stay in bed until after noon
-Leave the house before 3pm
-Go eat lunch at my favorite pizza place in Brooklyn
-Do so with a girl that he used to date AND some chick that I don't know
-...and then go and have beers afterward
-Stay out for almost eight hours, leaving me completely alone and unable to leave.
-With no food.
-Upon arriving home (at 10:45), go lay down and promptly fall asleep.

Ah yes, he is truly my champion in times of need. Thank goodness I'm marrying a man who will always consider my needs before his own.

Why is it that even the most awesome guys are prone to being such jackasses?

To his credit, he did go pick up the prescription I needed. But somehow, I'm not feeling like it's a draw.

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