Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finished / Starting

So, the crazy work insane-o binge is done... but only because I'm flying out of the state tomorrow. One of my attorneys spent the night at the office last night, no lie. The other will be there all weekend - all of our oppositions have to be served on Monday. But I did my time, composed opps to 17 motions, found liability materials for four others, and proofread I don't even know how many... I feel that I did my part. And now I'm done. I even got to leave the office early today - at about 2:30. They said I deserved it. Ya think?

Done, and yet. Tomorrow morning, Christmas morning, at 5:45 am no less, we will be calling the car service to take us to JFK so that we can fly to Raleigh/Durham, from which we will drive to Pulaski, Virginia. It will in all likelihood be ten to eleven hours of travel. Woo! After five days in the mountains of VA, we will drive from there to New Orleans - all of the flights would have taken us back through JFK, and we just couldn't stomach the thought. We'll be in N.O. for about a week, and then come back home - and I'll go back to the office the very next day. Restful vacation, eh?

So why are we flying out on x-mas day? Well, I couldn't take days off from work any sooner, and prices don't go down again until mid-January anyway. Why are we doing it at all? Hell, I dunno. Family obligation partly - what with the engagement and all everyone wants to see us... Plus, I didn't see my fam last year, so there's all the guilt for that, and I haven't seen my sis in ages. I also just really like seeing his family and being in their cabin in the woods. So it's semi-self-inflicted torture. Or something like that.

We will of course have the additional hurdle of Jonathan not having a valid ID - it expired like two years ago. Oh, airport security is just a joy, let me tell you. At least Jet Blue finally finished their work on Terminal 5, so we shouldn't have to deal with taking a shuttle to a goddamn portable gate or any of that nonsense like we have the last few times. Of course, I will be doing all of the driving on my own, but when other people (especially significant other type people) drive a vehicle I'm riding in, I tend to just get agitated and yell - so maybe it's for the best.

So yes, done with one stressful crazy adventure and on to another. It's like I'm Indiana Jones! Except, you know, infinitely less interesting. Happy christmas. Here I go.

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