Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well, I got in... sort of.

As you may recall, about two hundred years ago I applied to get into the Journalism program of Baruch College, one of the many schools in the City University of New York (CUNY) system. Before I had begun this application process, I never realized that you actually just apply to CUNY itself, and let them know which of their colleges you'd prefer to go to. Well, I filled out all my paperwork, and I put down Baruch as my first choice and didn't give a second, because I couldn't find anotherCUNY school that offered a Journalism major.


Fast forward three hundred and twelve years, to yesterday. In the mail, I receive the following letter:
"Congratulations on your admission to The City University of New York. In reviewing your application, we attempted to offer you admission into the program of your choice but could not do so at this time. However, I am happy to offer you the opportunity to enroll in York College."
At which point I'm thinking, what the hell is York College? I had never heard of it. Apparently it's in Jamaica (Queens, not the sunny isle). At the time when I was filling out my application, four hundred and thirty two years ago, they in fact did not have a Journalism major which is why they did not appear in my searches. This semester, however, just the Fall of 2008, they have bumped it up from "minor" and let it go full blown.

So perhaps, ladies and gents, I'm school bound. According to the aforementioned letter, York will be sending me some materials in a few days. I've looked online at what they have to offer; it seems pretty cool. Of course, I'll only be able to take at most two classes a semester - and that's assuming they offer Saturday classes - so... perhaps somewhere around 2018 I'll be qualified to apply for an entry level job as a copy editor. You know, when I'm 40. Ha. That sounds bitter but I'm laughing. I'd love to be back in school, regardless of where it leads.

In other news, my NaNo novel word count is up over 25k now, which is semi-exciting. Good thing too, since we're past the halfway mark. Just gotta keep on plugging.

With school, who can tell. I won't know what York has to say to me until their package comes. Thus, the saga continues...

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