Monday, November 3, 2008

Just in case you hear otherwise - EVERYONE VOTES ON TUESDAY.

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It seems that someone or someones have been circulating flyers, at least in Virginia and New York and possibly elsewhere, that say something pretty ridiculous. The flyers have an official looking state seal on them, and claim that due to the high expected voter turnout republicans will vote on Tuesday and Democrats will vote on Wednesday.

THIS. IS. NOT. TRUE. That may seem obvious, but who knows. All kinds of crazy shit happens with elections these days, and there are plenty of kids voting for the first time in this election. So let's get it out there real clear: It is not true in any state or district. It is a fallacy; personally I think it should be a felony. Regardless, please just tell everyone you know. Spread it around the office. Tell the fam. Everyone, and that means EVERYONE, republicans and democrats and greens and independents alike, VOTE ON TUESDAY. Again, EVERYONE VOTES ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH.

Besides that, contrary to what flyers in Philadelphia might state, voters with outstanding parking tickets or previous convictions will NOT be arrested for turning up at the poles.

It's not as if the president is elected by popular vote anyway, but that's a debate for another day and beside the point anyway.

To the criminals that are trying to throw the election by such absurd methods, I have only this to say: Yes, tomorrow a black democratic man may be elected as president. COPE.

And p.s. - No, I wouldn't approve of these tactics if they were aimed in the other direction. It is wrong, period.


Genevieve said...

Jesus. People are really freaking out about this, aren't they? It makes me nervous. My conservative relatives have said some pretty ridiculous shit about Obama and swear they'll move to Canada if he's elected. Because, you know, they don't have any socialist ideas. Go, frightened republican! Go to where there are strict gun laws and medical coverage for all and despair!

melissa bastian. said...

That's funny - I swore I'd move to Canada if Bushey Jr. got re-"elected". Instead, as it turns out, I just moved to New York. Gen, I'm sorry you're still stuck in a red state - believe me, I remember the pain.