Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm excited!

Tonight I cracked twenty thousand words. I'm makin' it happen! Or something. I can't help but think that if I wasn't going through a major bout of wedding obsession right now, I'd have twice as many words cranked out... but so it goes. The waves come when they come, and I'm still getting the writing done, and I'm enjoying both - and isn't that the point?

So I'll give you another snippet, super fun since it's completely out of context! Enjoy.

* * *

Kansas reached Alice before she dared look behind her again. By that time her heart was pounding fast, half from adrenaline and half from the topography. The statue, she was happy to see, was still overrun with children of all ages and sizes despite dwindling twilight; she moved around behind it where she would have a clear view of the direction in which she'd come without being clearly seen, and could also take off stealthily in the direction behind her and make it quickly to the street. If need be, perhaps serendipity would provide her a well-timed bus headed down Fifth Avenue.

She watched for five solid minutes before she dared move, but she saw no trace of the man. She began to relax somewhat – perhaps she had imagined the following? They were pretty well into the depths of the park, though, the last time she'd seen him, and the first time she'd been under the Queensboro bridge trying to get a better look at the island. Could that have been a coincidence? It seemed doubtful.

She pulled off her bright red hat, and in its place wrapped her black scarf around her head after knotting her knot of hair in a bundle at her neck. At least that would be something. She'd known he would come, but she hadn't thought he'd be able to find her. Such a big city, and her with no legal address. She wondered how long he'd been trailing her before she noticed.


Genevieve said...

Cool! I'm intrigued. And congratulations on the word count! Truly an accomplishment, chica.

melissa bastian. said...

Hee, thanks man.