Sunday, November 9, 2008

About that novel I'm writing...

I promised I'd give you snippets. So, here ya go...

* * *

And then, there was CB's. The Country Blue Grass and Blues bar was, of course, legendary. They had tried for years and years to “keep it alive”, but the truth was people had stopped caring about it long ago. What had happened to its grave, though, was travesty. She looked across the traffic-jammed intersection to the John Varvatos store which now occupied the space. They sold obscenely overpriced clothing and accessories, along with “punk rock artifacts” like crusty old boots. They had “preserved” portions of CB's old walls, plexiglass-covered in all of their stickered, markered, spray painted wheat pasted glory.

To Morgan, it seemed like so: that they had found the corpse of Punk Rock. That they'd drug it into the town square, and strung it up there, and decorated it with ribbons and bows and put flowers in its hair. She couldn't have given a shit about the Ramones; it wasn't about that. She never had liked their music, and the whole “Joey Ramone Way” cracked her up every time she saw the sign. It was only that, maybe, she wanted to believe not everything was for sale.

She'd only gone into the new store once. That was enough for her. She thought that never before had she seen such a complete and brilliant commodification of a culture. It was infinitely worse, even, than the CB's gift shop thing on St. Marks. Hell, it was worse than all of St. Marks put together, and really that was saying something. She generally avoided thinking about it, and so she turned back to her book. In another few pages, she found this:

“In the meantime, through an oversight that Jose Arcadio Buendia never forgave himself for, the candy animals made in the house were still being sold in the town. Children and adults sucked with delight on the delicious little green roosters of insomnia, the exquisite pink fish of insomnia, and the tender yellow ponies of insomnia, so that dawn on Monday found the whole town awake.”

Agh! This book, it might just kill her of delight.

* * *

In case you're wondering, no, it's not a "punk rock" story. This is just a segment that I happened to write last night.


lopsidedpigeon said...

It's so cool that you're doing this!! Woo, keep it up!

melissa bastian. said...

Well, it's irrational and spontaneous and completely ridiculous, with a seemingly unattainable goal. Of course I'm doing it.