Monday, October 27, 2008

Two Dead in Brooklyn:

And once again, cops prove that they are the most dangerous people in the neighborhood... Why is it that every time I hear of a gunfight lately, it's the police who are doing the most shooting? Do they ever exercise restraint anymore, or have they officially adopted a stance of "shoot now, ask questions later"? I mean, why bother figuring out what's going on with a situation when you can just start firing, right? Sadly, it seems that the rookies at least have taken this method to heart.

Perhaps the mother of these boys and the mother of Sean Bell can start a little club.

Here's my favorite part of the NYT report:

The officer fired 16 times, emptying his Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol. The lieutenant, who was on the other side of the car and farther from the rushing men, fired his revolver once. Neither man had ever fired a gun in the line of duty, Chief Collins said. The officers’ names were not released on Sunday.
Sixteen times? At two people? Who weren't even shooting? Could it be any more obvious that the young officer, who's only been on the force since 2005, just freaked out and acted totally irrationally? Sure, officers are only human. But that's the point. We give them so much power over us, but they're just as fallible as anyone. Anyone who wants to say otherwise has no choice but to hold them accountable when they do things like this.

I am curious to see what the "formal questioning" of the officers will reveal, and I don't quite understand why it hadn't been conducted as of Sunday night. At any rate, I'll admit fully that my mind is tainted. I believe that the police will say exactly what they need to say to make their actions seem warranted. As I've said, they're only human, and don't we all rationalize our actions? The big difference is that most of us don't wield this kind of power over the lives of others.

I literally have chills at this. It makes me fear for my society infinitely more than any criminal ever will; we should not have to fear those who are charged to protect us... One day, maybe soon, I'll tell you the story of having a gun pointed at me. At my head, specifically. While lying in bed. By a cop, of course. But ah yes, another story for another day.

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