Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi! Like I said, big big big news! In a minute.

Last night I really started to panic about this whole job situation. I mean, it's already October for chrissake and there was nothing on the horizon but more craigslist/agency black hole soul-eating misery. Right? Right.

OK, so I just got a phone call. And it was from the office manager at my old job. And it seems that the partners finally got around to having their "staffing meeting"... and they want to bring me back! Next Monday morning! At my old salary! She didn't even know what position it's for really; just that I'll be working for the two partners I used to work for (who loved me). I'd say it's too good to be true, except that it isn't; I know all too well the failings and pitfalls of this job and this workplace. But whatever! A job! A salary! FULLY PAID HEALTH INSURANCE!

The relief that this brings cannot be described. Poor Jonathan has been reading up on the state of the economy and hyperventilating trying to think of supporting us both. (Which of course I have never/would never as him to do, but how could he not think of it?) But no more! Ah, thank you thank you thank you stupid old job, thank you work ethic and good sense of mine that didn't burn any bridges there, thank you employment gods, thank you friends who sent me good wishes and listened to me whine about my search for these months. I'd promise never to complain about the job again, but I know that would just make me a big fat liar so I won't. I will say though that I'll never again underestimate the joy of job stability, not in these crazy times in this crazy city.

Office doldrums, here I come!


Dan said...

congrats, i think.

melissa bastian. said...

thanks. and yes, it's a good thing. advanced congrats to you... are you guys going straight to the honeymoon?

Genevieve said...

Yay for doldrums!