Sunday, September 7, 2008


Interview tomorrow, again.

Coffee shop last night, bad. Back. Not good. No walk. Cab home. Much crying.

Today, pain. Finally released on its own at about 1pm... well, on its own plus drugs.

Yes, tomorrow, interview with fourth person. If I don't leave there with a job, I swear I'm going to vomit. Of course, if I leave there with a job I may vomit. As far as I can tell it's a lose/lose situation. But at least with one of the outcomes, I'll start getting paid.

And now for you, a quote from Barbara Ehrenreich:
"From the point of view of "winners" - those who occupy powerful and high-paying jobs - the view that one's fate depends entirely on oneself must be remarkably convenient. It explains the winners' success in the most flattering terms while invalidating the complaints of the losers. Patrick's clients, for example, came to the boot camp prepared to blame their predicament on the economy, or the real estate market, or the inhuman corporate demands on their time. But these culprits were summarily dismissed in favor of alleged individual failings: depression, hesitation, lack of focus. It's not the world that needs changing, is the message, it's you. No need, then, to band together to work for a saner economy or a more human-friendly corporate environment, or to band together at all. As one of my fellow campers put it, we are our own enemies."
-Bait and Switch: The (futile) pursuit of the American Dream

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