Thursday, September 4, 2008

News from the frontlines.

So the verdict is in... sort of.

Company number one, the one which resides at 666 Third, is a nay. The story is that they LOVED me and wanted to offer me a job, but someone from within the company wanted the position. That they 'struggled over it', but loyalties always lie with current employees. I'm not sure that I buy this. Maybe it's what they fed my headhunter, and maybe it's just what she's feeding me so that I don't get discouraged. It could be the truth; that sort of thing happens. But it seems like they would have known earlier and not put me through the 3 hours of hellish interviewing... whatev.

Company number two, the one I preferred, is singing a different tune. They haven't done anything so crazy as to offer me a job, no. They want to bring me in again on Monday, so that I can interview with a FOURTH person. Apparently the THREE people I spoke with on Tuesday don't have the kind of decision making power it takes to seal the deal? Or something? Anyway at least they liked me enough to bring me in a second time. And it would be seriously dick of them to do that and then not offer me any of the three (3) positions that they're hiring for. Not that such a qualification has ever stopped a corporation from doing anything.

So basically I'm still in limbo, but at least I know that I didn't completely blow it out there on Tuesday. I can make 'em believe my song and dance. And that's fine, because I've actually been damn good at pretty much every job I've ever had.

I'm not just leaving it up to the agency any more; I've started hitting craigslist again and today applied for an exec assist position with a nonprofit 'women's organization'. Who knows? Maybe they'll read my email. Anything's possible.

The only thing I know for sure is that if I'm not gainfully employed by the end of this month, my portion of the rent is coming out of the wedding fund... and let's just say that's something I'd like to avoid.

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