Thursday, September 11, 2008

The moment(s) of truth.

OK. I've done it. I've danced my final monkey dance, tutu and all. It was quite the dance, really it was. Now, I wait.

After yesterday's fiasco, I STILL haven't heard from the chick at the agency. No phone call, no email, no nothing. Today she's not picking up her phone. Does that strike anyone else as wildly unprofessional? It concerns me, because she is the only connection I have to this potential job. They're not going to call me up with an offer; they're going to call her. She even did her best to keep any of my contact information from them - removed it all from the copy of my resume that she sent them. Fortunately it's on the real resume that I gave them, if it comes to that...

I briefly entertained a notion that she was abandoning me, that if they called her with an offer for me she'd tell them I took another offer or something. But then I realized that she'd only be shooting herself in the foot. She doesn't make a penny for the time she's spent on me until she lands me. Of course, maybe she's sent them another candidate for the same position. Yes, conspiracy theories abound.

But rationally, it remains a mystery as to why she isn't picking up her phone... or responding to my emails. If she was out sick or for a death in the family or something, she would have (or at least should have) set up an auto response for emails saying as much. Yeah, definitely not totally over the feeling that she's avoiding me. At this point I find her behavior simply baffling, and more than a little frustrating.

Anyway, the job. Today I met the attorneys that I'd be working for. First the guy, Ned. Middle aged, mild mannered white guy; make a lot of subtle jokes. I liked him, and we had a good rapport. I felt I made a good impression. Nothing spectacular, but good. I could see working for him.

Then the gal, Nicole. Can I just say that I love her? She's awesome. She's maybe 10 years older than me, but I'm only guessing that because she revealed she has a son in middle school. Otherwise I would have judged her to be much closer to my age. She's extremely personable, and is the first person to seem to have really read my resume and noticed the truly wide range of responsibilities that I've mastered. I could so be her right hand girl. I now officially actually want this job - in the realm of wanting any office job at least.

So, kiddies, cross everything you've got. By the end of tomorrow, for better or worse, I should have an answer.

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