Monday, September 15, 2008

Just another non-existant Monday.

no word yet. apparently agency twat was "out sick" today. hhmph. yeah. ok.

face hurts.

better today, but tired. so tired. I keep laying down.

headache all day. trying not to take stupid pills, but might have to if I want to get any sleep.

jonathan worked late - gone for 13 hours, then came home, ate the sandwich I got him and cracked one of the beers I picked up for him and settled into the couch to read his book. an odd feeling, to miss him when he's in the house.

went to the studio for a few hours; organized wedding things. continued drawing floorplans for the venue - those provided are not to scale and not accurate. which i find a little sad. but whatever.

trying to find someone who will print my invitations, letterpress (polymer plate), recycled paper, soy based ink. digging around on etsy. no bites yet.

so exhausted. you'd think I've been awake for more than 12 hours, done more than go by my studio for a while and stop by two neighborhood stores. but no. this is the backlash from yesterday. ate well today again at least; nothing "bad" except for a little bit of chocolate. had tea in the morning instead of coffee.

back to bed now. reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. sometimes a book is a classic because it's a classic; sometimes a book is a classic because it's amazing. this one falls into the later category.

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