Friday, September 19, 2008

Fishy on Friday.

Me: Hello. I guess we're still waiting?

Yep but chad and park wants to meet with you. Can you meet on Monday. We should have an answer on Monday but its always good to cover bases..

Any idea why their decision keeps getting delayed? It was supposed to be last Friday, then last Monday, then yesterday... (So are you dicking me around or are they?) It's been three weeks now that I've been dealing with Dech. I'd really like to get an answer one way or the other before I do any more interviewing. (Little does she know that I'm not doing any more interviewing with her EVER.)

They are looking for three great candidates to meet with the corporate partner…They only found you….I’m telling them you close to something else and see if we can get you back in to meet with the partner. (She probably meant "you're", but then she probably would have written "your".)

You haven’t met with him yet have you. (There was likely supposed to be a question mark here; she's not huge on punctuation.)

Me: I thought I met with both partners - Ned D. and Nicole J. (Which I told you via voice mail and email immediately after it happened - LAST THURSDAY.)

Her: Oh…ok let me tell them your close to something. (Ah, there it is.) They both liked you. (So, you didn't think I met with both of them, but now you know that both of them liked me?) Let see what we can do to close this. (Oh! So you've finally figured out that that's what your job is? Yes indeed, let see.)

* * *

Seriously people. This is ludicrous. I've seen better organized high school students. I don't understand what she could possibly gain from operating like this; if she didn't have time for me, why respond to my inquiries in the first place? If, upon meeting with me, she didn't think she could get me anything, then why not cut it off at that? And if she does really think she can get me something, then why god why is she so disinterested in doing it?

Everything I needed to know about her I knew when I went in there for our first meeting. Before I even met her, even. She was 45 minutes late, despite the fact that she had chosen the time for the meeting which had only been arranged the day before. And what earthshattering thing had kept her away? Lunch. Yes, she's a true professional.

So, another weekend in employment purgatory. Nothing to be done about it. It's Friday, and it's past 6:30 now. There's nothing to do but sit back and pretend that this is just a weekend, and not simply an extension of what I've been doing for the past... fuck. I don't know. Really long time.

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