Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wrong to (al)right.

Saturday salvaged from possible wreckage. With a bit of determination and the help of my ever steadfast Jonathan, I was able to make something of the day after all. See, I have great planning skills, and that's lovely and a lot of people don't have it at all. But unless it's paired with the ability to be flexible when things don't go how I planned them, it's damn near useless. Plans never work the way you plan them. There's no end to the mediocre trite quotes that I could plug in here, but given those descriptives isn't it best that I refrain?

Anyway, I didn't accomplish most of what I meant to today. But I did other stuff. I printed the photos that I'd taken in July of 2006, so that they can be perused by the 6 people that happen upon my event on Saturday. (Previously I'd only had the 2005 pics in physical form; by 2006 I'd moved onto digital.) I didn't get to flyer across the lower east side, but I did spread some in the West Village, a whole hip-as-hell neighborhood chock full of writers that I'd somehow forgotten about when I was writing down spots for my canvassing. So that's something, isn't it? I vote yes.

Tomorrow is another day. There are many items on the planned list. Let us hope that when I wake up tomorrow and I've overslept, the train I need isn't running, and they flyers I meant to hang have been left at home (a fact only to be realized two boroughs away), I will have the wherewithal to remember today.

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