Sunday, August 31, 2008

A watched pot never floods.

no sleep. dreams alternating between hurricane evacuation and nightmare office scenarios. feel like i got beat up. too restless to stay in bed.

parents are leaving town, finally, but as of 12pm had not yet gotten their act together. somehow are under the impression that the longer they wait, the lighter traffic will be. as in, if we leave at 1pm instead of 6am, there will be less people on the road. sometime i'd like to visit the planet they live on; it seems to be a really fascinating place. my big fear is that they'll get fed up with the traffic and go back home. that would be so classically them.

people have gotten to safety for the most part; my friends have cars, et cetera. thom and my cat are already safe in Columbus, Mississippi... at the same hotel we stayed at during Katrina. weber went with his fam to Florida; monica's family is doing something or other. i got one that's staying put, but if anyone's gonna do it he's probably best suited. he's on the second floor, uptown, plenty of supplies and so on. apparently they're letting people take pets, but only one, and he's got several, so no dice. uugghh.

i'm so tired. this is going to sound sick, but i'm glad it's hitting monday and not tuesday, which is what they were saying for a minute. another day might actually kill me. i need to know what this thing is going to do, and i really don't think i'm the only one.

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