Friday, August 29, 2008

Today is hard.

I knew it would be, and honestly I don't know that it's any harder than the days leading up to it, or the week or so that's to come. This isn't an event that happened in a day. It was a slowly unfolding terror, in many ways so awful because it did go on for so long. At any rate, for me and many others, it's just a hard time of year.

So I have something for you. If you need something to do today, read this.

It will be gutwrenching, but sometimes that's good. I've read it several times over now. It makes me cry every time. As I told Josh when I wrote to him (super nice guy by the way), that's because it's "so overwhelmingly the way it was". It's so important that we have these accounts - not of how high the winds were or what the politicians did (or didn't do), but of what individual people were going through on the ground. And not only those who stayed; it was a gentler experience to be sure, but the people who evacuated were also suffering. It's not easy to sit and watch as your city and your life crumble into unknown depths of chaos for days on end, to try to figure out what to do when looking toward your past is like staring over the edge of a cliff.

Today is a day of memorial. This is a work that shows proper reverence for what happened to a city and to a group of people - an event whose ramifications are far from being resolved. Use it to remember, and if you are one of us that lost, know that we are not forgotten.

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