Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh my god seriously I'm getting old.

So I got back Thursday. Friday night I worked at the coffee shop. Saturday night I worked at the coffee shop. And today? I feel like I got hit by a goddamn truck. Now granted, that's a feeling that sometimes comes over me with no prompting whatever. And the weather changes aren't helping. But I can tell you that I know my body, and this is work exhaustion. From two freakin' nights. Thus my conclusion: I'm officially an old fart. I am counting on the rejuvenating effects of coffee to get me through the morning, indeed through the day. There is no morning left.

Anyway. As to life. It's... I don't even know. I don't work coffee again until next Saturday (and thank god; I need to recover), so this week I do what? Well, hopefully I go on some interviews. Come on employment agency agent, hook it up! Monday I'm gonna ride the D train. I know, I know, still haven't posted the C train ride. All in good time my pretties. I gave you streetcar pics, didn't I? So settle down. I'll hit the studio - stupid Blick had to go and have a stupid sale that I can't stupid afford, so I bought some canvasses. I have to cover them with something don't I? Yes, yes I do. And luckily there's like twenty things I want to paint, so that won't be hard.

I'm finally on the verge of finishing my Katrina zine, which is entitled "Anywhere I Lay My Head". Since its inception (when I was evacuated), it has changed quite dramatically. I've come to terms with the fact that to include everything that I'd like to include, it really needs to be a book, so for now it simply won't. It will be a long zine, and maybe eventually it will be a book. Perhaps I can even use the zine as a sort of primer to send to potential publishers. We'll see.

The exciting part for now, though, is that I'll be having a zine release party at Think, the one at Bleeker and Bowery. I'll be selling copies of the zine of course, and hopefully also some paintings and photographs. I'm planning to donate 25% of anything I make to the Common Ground Collective - those people really freak me out with everything they're doing. As in, they're kind of amazing. I'll of course also have a box/jar/thing so that people can make direct donations without buying anything from me. So if you're in the neighborhood stop by - it's on August 23rd from 7 to 9; I'll be doing a reading at about 8pm.

So yeah, I guess I'm keeping myself busy. I feel like my life is once again developing two very distinct and very different faces: the actual life and the 'I need to get paid so I act and dress this way' life. Of course, it hasn't actually happened yet. But it will the minute I start getting ready for my first interview. We shall see, we shall see. As always. We shall see.

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