Thursday, August 28, 2008

no good terrible awful very bad

I'm not having a good day. Want the laundry list? Here goes.

1. unemployment, and looming performance demanded

2. Gustav, my father's hysteria due to it, my mother's melancholy and unhearing ears

3. the announcement of a friend that her relationship is more troubled than I'd feared

4. the death of another friend's close family member

5. my new 'health insurance', which true to form turns out will not even cover the prescriptions for which I thought it would be useful; I'd already known it wouldn't cover any of my doctors

6. the muscle spasm that forced me to cancel my E train trip today and relegated me instead to the inside of my apartment, where walking isn't so very necessary

7. the anniversary of Katrina, its third, which is tomorrow and seems to be acting as a magnetized black hole sucking all ill fortune and unpleasantness toward it with startling efficiency

Like I said, not a good day.

Despite it all, there's something of a silver lining. Or if not silver, maybe a nice stripe of 50% gray. Yesterday I spent three (3) hours at a second employment agency. They tested, and I exceeded all expectations. In one spurt I was actually typing 72 words per minute, and on a Word test I achieved a score of 54 out of 55 - indeed, I'm a good little monkey, look at that accordion go. Unlike the first agency, which made me jump through flaming hoops and then blew me off, this one (which ominously is located on a different floor of the same building) contacted me this morning. Because they have two interviews set up for me next Tuesday. Both at law firms, both on 42nd Street, both soulless but with excellent salaries.

So maybe I'll get a job soon. And maybe it'll be alright and maybe it won't. Either way it'll pay, and once I have a couple thousand dollars back in the bank I can quit again if I need to. I'm thinking I won't mention that plan during the interview process.

I guess the summary here is really that things are complicated, and there's too many of them, and I'm tired and I have a headache. I want something to resolve: the storm to choose a course, an employer to make an offer, my body to cease its revolt. Just something. Some peace. Some quiet.

Really, I'm exhausted.

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