Saturday, August 30, 2008

How am I supposed to go to sleep?

Tuesday seems to be the day. The Day of Reckoning, maybe. On that day we'll know, for sure if we don't already, what this Gustav fellow has to say to our dear Louisiana. Whether it's really going toward ol' N.O., whether the levees will hold, et cetera.

Of course, I'll be spending the day hopping interviews, probably for about five hours of dancing like a good little monkey in an uncomfortable suit, on 42nd street. You don't think the impending doom of my city might be distracting, do you? Nah, I can't see why that would be a problem at all.

It's raining tonight, as if to remind me. To make sure that I can't forget even for one single second about the potential Atlantian fate. My parents say they aren't leaving. Say they have enough food for like three whole weeks, and plenty for the cats, and bla bla bla. Were they normal people, they'd just take the holiday weekend to visit their friend in Huntsville anyway. Storm comes? Already safely out of harm's way. Storm doesn't come? Spent a nice weekend with their friend in Alabama. Winners all around.

But noooo, they're the people who grow vaguely catatonic at the idea of going anywhere past their very small bubble of comfort, which basically includes places of work, the grocery store, and the bank. I swear, if I just had a family that could take care of themselves, I'd lead a much more relaxed life. At least I don't have to worry about my sister for this one, though when I spoke briefly with her tonight she mentioned something about a boyfriend - always something to investigate.

It is so bizarre to be on this side - the sitting and waiting to see what happens side, rather than the oh shit let's get the car packed did you make the reservations side. That side, while not particularly enviable, does at least keep a person busy. This one... is spookily like reliving the endless hours of watching television during evacuation limbo. It sucks. Really, I think the only good or even OK side is the "this isn't happening" side. Parallel universe, anyone?

I should try to get some sleep, but I really just don't see it happening.

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