Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Complete exhaustion, but with purpose.

Hello Rob Walker. I was in New Orleans last week, and I picked up your book. You know the one. I'm maybe halfway through, and it's really excellent. My family is from New Orleans but I didn't move there until I was 18, so I can relate to the idea of discovering the city from an outside perspective. I live in New York now; my house got swallowed by Lake Pontchartrain just about three years ago now. On August 23rd I'm doing a zine release for "Anywhere I Lay My Head", the zine that I'm finally finished with about my Katrina experience. I'm wondering if you might be interested in stopping by. It's at Think Coffee at the corner of Bleecker and Bowery from 7 to 9pm, and 25% of any proceeds I generate I'm donating to the Common Ground Collective. Even if you can't come I'd love to speak with you (and your wife); it's always fascinating to talk to other people who have a sincere love of both New Orleans and New York. Your column is fairly interesting too - I have some... strong ideas about consumerism. Anyway, thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.

P.S. - If you're sort of curious but wondering who the hell I am, here's a little window to my lexicon:
Thus was the little note I sent to Rob Walker, New York Times columnist and author of "Letters From New Orleans" which oddly enough was published by this guy G.K. who was an acquaintance of mine for the last couple of years I was in the city... Am I rambling? Sorry. I essentially haven't left the house today, apart from the one jaunt out for some food, because I'd been eating nothing but cookies for eight hours. Today has been a zine day. And when I really start putting together a zine, the time-space continuum falls by the wayside. It's noon. And then I look up and it's 4:30. And I look up again and it's 6:30. And I look up again and it's 9. I have no idea how so much time has passed, but I sure have gotten a lot of work done... it goes like that.

Today has gone just like that. The zine is not assembled, but it's finished. Well, except for one page it's finished. Assembly shouldn't take all that long; it's mostly just annoying. Then there's getting it printed, which will be both time consuming and expensive. And then there's the very funnest part: putting together the copies. I still haven't decided how I'm gonna do that. But rest assured kiddies, it'll get done. Right now the pages are spread out on the living room floor. When Jonathan gets home he's gonna kill me. Or rather, he's going to want to kill me, but he'll probably just grumble or maybe not even that. Thus is the nature of his support.

The event, it seems, will also be my first public art showing. I'll be hanging paintings, letterpress prints, and possibly photographs in the space on Monday the 18th so that they will hopefully attract some interest for the event that Saturday. I don't think we're leaving them up after Saturday, but maybe. We'll see.

So much work to do, and barely ten days to do it in. It's always amazing to me how much I work when I'm not working.

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