Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You'll never believe this.

I myself am kind of in shock. That this kind of secret is being kept from us is simply ludicrous. Perhaps it's not a secret at all; perhaps it's common knowledge and no one cares. But I really find that hard to believe. I cannot count the number of times that I was just a few feet, a few moments from this monumental discovery with nary a clue...

But first, by the way, yes I have done my C train ride. I'm just having a very hectic week, so I haven't gotten to write the post about it. Writing the posts takes a couple of hours really, and that doesn't even count how long it takes to sort through all of my pictures. And about the picture situation: I'm now properly equipped. Well, as properly equipped as I'm going to get without buying a new camera, anyway. I now have two batteries and two memory cards. The old battery, I have no doubt now, is dying. It only held a charge for an hour or two on Sunday's expedition - completely unsatisfactory. As far as memory, I've upgraded from 512 kb to 2mb, so everything should be just fine.

But back to my original intrigue. Have you ever ridden the 6 train to it's southernmost end, the City Hall stop? I did it every week for over two years when I was working as a paralegal - lots of courthouses down there. When you get off at the 'last stop', the train lets you know that its 'next stop' will be on the uptown side of the platform. It then arcs away from you in a manner that leaves a very clear impression in your mind that it's turning a loop.

So let's put this together with some other knowledge, shall we? I'm getting more and more hung up on the whole 'abandoned station' thing, and it didn't take me long to find out that there's one at City Hall. Of course my first thought was, I've been to the City Hall station a hundred times; it's big and ugly and average and annoying. But ho ho, this abandoned station that was being spoken of was something truly grand, a jewel in the crown of the IRT system complete with vaulted ceilings and skylights - definitely not the place that I'd cursed the length of while hauling too many copies of motions and judgments.

Then, one day not so long ago in my researching, I happened to glance a map of where this old beautiful City Hall station was located - just south of Worth and Brooklyn Bridge, making a big loop off the 4, 5, and 6 lines... Now wait just a damn minute! Do you mean to say?!

It took me several days to confirm my suspicion. Right there, under my nose that whole time, was this amazing relic. I could have toured it - granted, only from the inside of a moving 6 train, but still - every Thursday morning, a little treat after dealing with the hellish NYCAL judge and a room full of snide attorneys. But no, I just stood there instead in that ugly ass hot nasty "new" city hall station, wondering why there were always two or three people still on the train as it went around, assuming they were homeless. Of course, they may have been homeless and in the know.

So much time lost! It feels staggering really. I haven't gotten to go do it yet either, since I only just figured it out this week. I can't believe that I've been living in NYC for almost three years and didn't know about this. But there's still time, right? Right? All is not lost. Perhaps if I don't make it onto the D train this weekend, I'll just ride the 6 loop through the historic City Hall a few times and see how much I can see. Front car vs. back car, left side vs. right, exactly how dangerous it looks to try to walk in from the main functioning platforms (just kidding... kind of), that kind of thing. I'll let ya know if it's worth it. Except that I totally already know that it's worth it. More like, I'll let you know how awesome it is.

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