Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do I have enough bullets?

  • Another day, another few dollars I guess. And who can argue with that really?
  • No callback from that phone interview. Not yet at least. I'm supposed to be hopeful, aren't I? It seems the decent thing to do would be to call either way... I'll keep hoping till end of day Friday? And then I'll start talking about what assholes they are. But not by name on the internet. Not yet.
  • At the studio, and somehow lost as to what needs to be accomplished. Need to figure out how to package the painting that I just sold (yup, to a friend, but still), but somehow all of my packing materials are at home? And so, writing. Or perhaps, "writing", depending.
  • Going by big Think tonight; beautiful Sarah of Che La Ke fame is spinning video 'round 8:30, so I'll stop in and absorb some love. And some beer and food and maybe wine, which is all a lot like love, when you think about it.
  • Sent in a story to The First Line on Monday. Don't know how long it'll be till I hear; the deadline is Friday, so hopefully within two to three weeks of then. If they say no, then the full version (a bit over 5k words if you can believe it) will go to another journal. And if they say no, then be prepared for me to be pawning off my self published zine version on you in a couple of months.
  • Want to go see one of my favorite local bands, alternately calling themselves The Night Time and The New York Times; I know them because they wrote three songs for Jonathan Letham's "You Don't Love Me Yet", for which I attended a reading a while back, and which I just purchased and somehow annoyingly read in three damn days. They're playing Saturday on Bedford - literally on the street, a community type shindig where they block off blocks for block parties essentially... but I'll be working Saturday night, of course, so I don't know if I'll make it, or if they'll play before I have to leave.
  • Thinking about trying to do the D train this weekend, but it's extensive so I don't know. I'll have to look into how many stations need stopping at, et cetera, before I decide. And of course the final factor will be how Saturday night goes at work, and whether or not I get any sleep. And let's not forget that I still haven't written the post for the C train trip I made last weekend, or edited my photos. I now have two batteries and two memory cards, so the sky is kinda the limit... takes freaking forever to get through them all, naming and cropping and rotating, oh my. I'm really going to have to start backing that stuff up, because if anything ever happened to my hard drive, I'd lose I don't even know how many hundreds of hours of work and how many hundreds (possibly thousands? probably thousands?) of irreplaceable images... yeah, a small external hard drive may be called for, or something.
So there you go, six bullets (plus one for good measure) to stave off the utter futility and awfulness of my current life. Think it worked?

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