Friday, June 20, 2008

I officially hate newegg.

See, it's like this. I can't have things delivered to my apartment. It's impossible. So when I order things on the internet, I have them shipped elsewheres. When I worked in the office I just had them sent there, but alas, no more. I do now have an office job again, but I'm only there half the day, and besides, I just started. Bad form. So when I decided to buy a laptop from newegg, I told them to ship it to my fiance's workplace. He orders things from them all the time, and has the same billing address as me, and has them shipped to his office. So I figured, no problem, right?

Wrong. What I'd gotten an inkling of, but didn't realize until now, is that newegg are a bunch of "security" nazis. "Security" goes in quotes because while they make it look like they're protecting you, they're actually only protecting themselves against anyone being able to accuse them of not being secure. Just like the airport.

So two hours after I place my order, I get this email from them saying there's a problem. I do some poking, and realize that the "problem" is that the shipping address that I've given them isn't on file with my credit card. Well no duh. Credit cards don't keep shipping addresses on file. My billing address, email, and cell matched perfectly, but they don't care. I sent them an email trying to explain that I can't ship to my house and that I don't know what the hell they're talking about, having a shipping address on file with the credit card.

They responded, telling me that, what if someone had stolen my billing statement? Then they could have items shipped wherever, using my credit card! Well, sure. But a), it's me placing the order, not some credit card thief. b) the billing statement doesn't have the whole credit card number, or the security code on the back or the 800 number listed on the back, all of which is information required during checkout. c) the billing statement doesn't have my email address on it, which is indeed on file with my credit card and which I've been writing them from. d) the billing statement doesn't have my cell number on it, which is on file with my credit card and which I provided to newegg (and which they haven't bothered trying to call, those gurus of security).

So apparently they're under the impression that the most logical answer to my order is that someone stole my billing statement, credit card, cell phone, and gmail password? You know, that would be a hell of a lot of work for the POS $400 laptop that I'm trying to buy. If you were gonna do all that, don't you think you'd at least go for an average priced laptop, instead of the absolute cheapest one they sell? Ooh, ooohh, maybe I'm actually AN IDENTITY STEALING ALIEN! Yeah, that's it! I've even stolen Melissa's flesh, so that an in person meeting wouldn't prove anything! I really want to tell them to put down the conspiracy theorist magazines for a goddamn minute and think. But apparently that's not an option.

I'm really bummed. I was just trying to get a little computer so that I can write while I'm at the studio without lugging my PowerBook around. It shouldn't be this difficult, and with most online purchases it isn't. I'll have to see if I can find the same computer elsewhere. Newegg, when you act like this, the terrorists win.


Anonymous said...

Instead of wasting an hour crying into your blog you could've just called your CC company and placed your other shipping address on file with them. It's pretty easy. As for Newegg, you can thank all the idiots trying to pull fraud on them for your troubles. I much prefer them keeping fraudsters shut out if it keeps prices low (and yes, at the cost of a few crybabies that ARE honest but don't get their order because of too many 'special conditions')

jinx. said...

Dear anonymous person who thinks he/she knows everything but refrains from identifying him/herself: for your information I DID call my credit card company, and gave them the shipping address. And I told newegg that I'd done so. It didn't help. In fact after several days of trying to get it straightened out, newegg admitted to me that they had no idea why the order hadn't gone through or why they currently couldn't make it go through, and basically that it was just a huge problem with their system that they can't do anything about because they're crippled by their own "security". Additionally, I did NOT spend an hour writing that post - it was more like 15 minutes. And in conclusion, I find it interesting that someone who obviously finds him/herself so VASTLY superior to probably everyone else in the entire world would take the time to a) read and b) comment upon a throw-away post that I wrote three weeks ago.

jinx. said...

Dear readers, for further edification on our "anonymous" commenter, please take a look at this.

Anonymous said...

I just had the same exact experience with newegg. Not only is their system a total joke (after a week I finally gave up) but their customer service reps aren't even friendly or remotely helpful. Probably because they constantly have people calling to complain to them about their ridiculous security measures. I am a pretty patient person and tried to be understanding but I did finally lose my sh*t on them. Then I ordered an HP. It was approved and some of my order was getting ready to be shipped within 2 hours. Ahhh.... finally.

melissa bastian. said...

Dear Anonymous 2010,
It's ridiculous isn't it? I have placed orders and received shipments at numerous addresses - some not even in the state - from like a gajillion other websites. With newegg, it got to the point where I really felt as if I was being punished for not living in an apartment with a doorman. I'm sure they don't care about losing my business forever, but so it goes. Credit card companies and banks have entire departments that do nothing but deal with fraud - so, you know, let them! Stop torturing innocent consumers. Aarg.

Anonymous said...

I have had similar things happen too at and you can forget about trying to see if there is competitive shopping because told me when I was going to place an order with them that the manufacture are the one's that decide if there is free shipping. the second thing that I have to say is that it is very frustrating when you order something and calls you up within 30 seconds and asks if you made a purchase online at this date at this time. I seriously thought that was my credit card company responsibility. They would not ship my stuff until I confirmed with a supervisor within the call center (on hold for an hour) that I placed the order.
WTF they use to be cool until now. I am now currently looking for a new company to buy from can anyone help me?

Oleg said...

I haven't had any of those problems (yet), but I did have some similar experience.

I ordered 3 items from (ram, mouse pad, & sata cable) THIS SUNDAY. I ordered several things from them in the past, but they all shipped in 3 days EXACTLY!!! Now, I am STILL WAITING from Sunday and it's NOW FRIDAY!!! THAT'S AN EXTRA 1 OR 2 DAYS!!! WTF NEWEGG???!!! I WILL "NEVER" ORDER FROM YOU "AGAIN"!!!!!!

NOW I WILL TRY Craigslist, eBay, or even Amazon!!!!!

melissa bastian. said...

That's an awful lotta anger Oleg. One might even think you were being sarcastic.

Michael Morris said...

You know I just Googled "I hate Newegg" because I am frustrated beyond belief, and lo and behold, I found this blog.

I've had very much the same experience - delivery issues - and it's taken a good portion of this week attempting to correct an order after it went south due to a shipping location error. By the way, I've made many, many online purchases of computer equipment and I've never had anything approaching this level of trouble before. And I will never - NEVER - purchase from Newegg again.

melissa bastian. said...

Michael, I can say only that I - and as evidenced by the number of hits that this post gets, many others - feel your pain. I really don't know why Newegg doesn't want our business, but that's just fine. They can suck it.

Anonymous said...

Me too they hate the military!!!

Anonymous said...

I recently got off the phone with customer service and my experience led me to google "I hate Newegg" too. The tablet I received was broken when I got it out of the box, but since Newegg can't confirm that it was broken when they shipped it, (Really!!) they are unwilling to send me a new one.

So in 3-5 business days I can see if they denied my request or not and if I'm lucky, I can send it back, wait a few more days to process, so that maybe in another few days after that I could be using the tablet that I could otherwise have been writing this with right now.

All this for a 7" tablet on clearance. Newegg sent me a $189 piece of garbage. I wonder what angry ranting customers cost them in potential sales?

Anonymous said...

My problem was with the RMA for returns, i put the rma slip on the box, sent it to the post office, mailed it, and wait for refund...nothing happens, no refund and now they say they can't find the package even though i am looking at the tracking info and it says it delivered but yet im lying and the postoffice is lying, so they said wat a few days, so i did...wait i did..rma has expired sorry sir you are no longer entitled for a full refund..we will be sending th epackage back to you so you can see it on your end...wait a second didn't you say you never got the package?

thank you for calling newegg have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Add me to the list.
I ordered an SSD for lets say, an even hundred dollars. Upon checking the page listed two "free" gifts, two codes to for two different online RPGs I care nothing about. No way to remove them from the order. BFD I thought, I'll ignore them and brace myself for the barrage of spam that will be generated by selling my (fake) email address.
Ten minutes after ordering I check my credit card statement because Newegg's checkout screen froze and I wanted to know exactly how many SSDs I actually ordered.
Lo and behold, I was charged 19.99 for each "free" game. I immediately put a hold on the bogus charges and attempt to contact Newegg through the only means possible at the time, their email page. a WEEK later I get a message back saying that they had reduced the price of the SSD by the amount of the two game codes. WTF? I don't want to be part of their accounting shenanigans, if you want to sell me something for $100. than sell me the something at the actual price you want!
Later, attempting to straighten out this mess, I attempt to log into my Newegg account and find it has been disabled. I managed to find a phone number for a real live human, but all he could tell me was that once you dispute a charge with Newegg, they suspend the account forever, no appeals, no do-overs, no nothing. Poor slob was clueless otherwise.
This is childish Newegg. What, you can't admit that your checkout is messed up, I can't even sign in to apologize (if I were so inclined).