Sunday, April 6, 2008

it's still awesome, even if they did cut down the trees.

so, i have a job. or something like it at least. it's a job when you're 20; whether it's a job when you're 30 is up for debate, but it's something. what all of this rambling amounts to is that i'm now going to be working at think, probably three nights a week. yay income! yay fair trade! yay being able to dress like a weirdo hipster artist at work... and getting free coffee! hopefully it will work out well. i need some structure; after one week of "free time" i was sinking, and fast.

i also came home to a very promising email after my day of sulking on friday. but i'm not going to talk about that in detail yet, lest i jinx myself.

see? i'm learning.

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