Thursday, April 10, 2008

and on the third day of the second week, she discovered the secret of the bob's redmill six grain cereal... and it was good.

yesterday was the most productive day ever. i want to say that unemployment doldrums are officially at an end, but i would probably only be jinxing myself, so i'll say that i believe i've sidestepped them for now. it's no coincidence, i think, that this week is beautiful and sunny and warmer whereas last week was rainy and gray and cold. today it's going up to 65! it's like actual springtime! i have to figure out what to do with my day. but first i'll do this. whatever. it's early.

(my man's in a funk. trying not to let it get me in a funk. not the easiest thing to do.)

anyway, yesterday. i spent like six hours on myspace, which doesn't seem productive at all right? except that i spent it doing two important things. one, i re-wrote the "about me" portion of the main one for my "organization" so that it actually explains why i'm so damn upset about food (sort of) and what i'd like to do about it. it even gives a beginners reading guide in the books section. so i'm excited about that.

two, i've finally established a separate identity for the craftiness - the stuff i make and sell like journals and envelopes and 1" pins. it really just doesn't belong in the same place where i rant about bovine growth hormone. it's all part of the same greater whole, but it needed to have a name and a face all its own. i've known this for a long time, but it's taken me a while (five years? six?) to make it happen. i then spent forever and a day sending friend requests to appropriate parties. i'm still not nearly done with that. man, networking takes some effort. but all in all, i call that a productive six hours.

after that, and it was still mid-afternoon because i got up early, i went to my studio. sadly it was for the first time in like eight days. this was evidenced by my half dead wilting plants. hopefully they'll spring back like the did the last two times... but the important part is that i went to my studio and painted, painted for the first time since unemployment. that's right, i'm back on the horse people. i finished two small paintings that have been started for i don't even know how long. with those two done, i now have seven completed in a series of 13 that i'm working on. or rather, that i've been working on since 2006. but never mind that shall we? oh whatever. i work at my own pace and i always have and i always will, and the only person who gives a rat's ass is me anyway so i should probably just accept it. right? right.

i am rather interested in getting some paintings finished right now though, because in mid-may my studio will be part of an all-of-long-island-city open studios event. i'll be opening my door to the world, or at least anyone in the world who'd like to come and look. so i'd like to have something for them to look at. and to have something for them to look at, i'll have to have something to put paint on... which is why i've decided in the past five minutes that my first mission of the day will be to go to my favorite art supply store, who happens to be having a sale right now, to pick up some canvasses. painting is expensive, you know.

so yes, i'm satisfied with yesterday, and the light this morning tells me that today holds great promise. in other news, i've lined up an interview for said aforementioned promising opportunity, the one i'm still not talking about lest i jinx myself. but i'll tell you all about it once it's safely in the bag or blown, as the case may be. i started my coffee shop job monday night - aarg, coffee shops are hard work. i hadn't forgotten exactly, but my body is definitely not used to that kind of abuse any more. hey you! stand in one place for six hours while smiling and being nice to people and touching lots of filthy money and listing to really really really loud music! tiring. it didn't help that we didn't finish until after 1:30 a.m. - there's lots of new kids on the crew right now, so we're slow. it should get better. i go back friday, and even that should be markedly better than monday was just by virtue of having a couple of hours under my belt.

anyway, enough lollygagging. time to get out into the bright blue sunshine.

see you suckers later.

oh, and the secret to bob? really, really, REALLY big bowl.

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