Sunday, March 9, 2008

well, that's one way.

i did it. i quit. well, i didn't burst into the boss's office, give him what for, set fire to a few desks and storm out exactly. but i did tell them that i was leaving and give them notice. three weeks of it. on March 28, i'm free as a bird.

do i have another job? no. i did interview with greenpeace (no, not to place myself between a harpoon and a whale), but i don't know about that. if they offer me the position they'll want me to work 55 hours a week. that's a whole freaking lot of hours. too many, actually. so i'm thinking i'm going to hold out and live on savings for a minute until i find something that i can actually stomach. if it comes down to it i can always go to a headhunter or a temp agency and have another job like the one i have now in about a week.


it's a little bit like jumping out a window. will i land in a nice soft bed of hay? an icy pool? pile of rusty nails and broken glass? some combination of the three? hard to say. for now i'll just freefall... and get some painting done.

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