Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is Sustainable Table- OH, we are so sorry, but we JUST hired someone.
I love your enthusiasm and would love to keep your resume on file... just in case something else comes up!
You can email it to me if you would like- now or in the future.
Thanks- Dawn
Marketing Manager
Sustainable Table"

when i saw this comment, i thought it was a cruel joke from a friend of mine. a specific friend of mine, in fact. but no. it's not a joke at all. it's the real deal.

could i feel more stupid?

no, not really.

pardon me, i absolutely must go find a very large rock to climb under.

at least she was nice about it? and didn't simply point and laugh? of all the people in the world to stumble upon my freakin' blog... of course she was probably just doing a search for her own organization, and i'm just not very bright with what i blog about. but what's new.

ah, yes, let me get back to that rock thing. see you in a hundred years.

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