Friday, March 28, 2008

last day... um, blues maybe? well, last day something anyway.

so this is it. i gave my notice. i worked out my last three weeks. this is the last day. i've made it.

it's weird.

i have a few things to take care of. a stack of papers and folders needs to get down to the basement. an email or two needed to be sent; they're sent. a box needs to be mailed;i'll mail it. my personal effects have been brought home, mostly. of course i forgot things. of course it's more than i can really carry. what fun would it be otherwise?

we're having a grand last day bash at a local bar after work; it should be a decent turnout if we don't get the huge thunderstorm that we're scheduled for. (which reminds me that in squabbling with my lovely boyfriend this morning, i forgot to grab my umbrella. oh splendid. i hate rain. yes, i will melt.) maybe we'll get a decent turnout even if it does rain. who knows. it seems like the people around here actually like me. i've gotten three good-bye presents so far, and supposedly at least one more is coming.

one of the secretaries that i don't actually do work with cornered me in the bathroom to tell me that i should go into TV or moves, becausei'm such a "people person". that was pretty great.

it's appropriate, i think, to go drink with my co-workers one last time. it's especially interesting to see the attorneys knock one back, acting more and more human with each sip... of course, the only ones who will show up are the ones who were human to start with, which is fine by me. it would be something to see some of the partners pop up, but i don't really anticipating it happening. they'll probably stop by my desk sometime today to tell me goodbye and good luck, all smiles and cliches, because that's what they're good at.

five more hours of employment, folks. and then... broke-ass freedom, here i come!

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