Monday, March 10, 2008

definitely not for profit.

so i interviewed for greenpeace. you know those annoying kids that ask you for money on the street? well, i wouldn't be one of them.

i'd be managing them.

the guy that interviewed me was cool, but i could tell he had a lot of scripted questions that he had to ask. "explain the difference between management and leadership, and give examples of when you've demonstrated both qualities." retch. i hate that kind of interview. but apparently i did alright, because this morning they called me and offered me the job.

there are a lot of pros: it's a really good foot in the door to the world of environmental nonprofits, and technically it is in the Development department (read: fundraising, the only area that most nonprofits usually ever have jobs in). i could dress how i wanted and act like myself and be around people who care about the things i care about.

but there are some serious downsides.

the more minor one is that it's a serious pay cut. well, duh. i knew that going in. i know what it pays, and i know that i can live on it because it's what i was making for the first half of last year. that's more of a non-issue. the real issue, the punch-me-in-the-guts damnit what do i do problem is this: the basic work week, the regular nothing special week, runs from 50 to 55 hours a week.

that's a long freaking week, and it's kind of what i'm trying to escape by leaving here. so i don't know. i told them i'd let them know by friday; my basic plan is to see if anything else truly promising pops up between now and then. if not, then i'm going to take it. who knows? the hours might be fine if the atmosphere is relaxed and i like the people. i feel like if i let it pass me by without giving it a shot, i'll regret it. and i don't like regretting things. so.

it's been my experience that things always seem to crop up and develop in unexpected ways. this situation will hopefully be no different; i just have to keep trying to make things happen and see where it leads me. i've jumped from the frying pan; let's see if i can avoid that fire...

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