Wednesday, March 19, 2008

and the search continues.

another day, another thousand craigslist postings. i've completely lost count of how many jobs i've applied for now. the only ones that have contacted me (outside of Greenpeace) are the ones that i didn't actually want and shouldn't have responded to: a metaphysical bookstore mainly, but also a company that does mega-scale decorating all over the city for the holidays. i'm feeling super guilty about the greenpeace thing - they're posting the position again! i felt sure that they had someone else lined up. i'm comforting myself with the belief that they needed to fill more than one slot with the same description - which very well may be true.

the bookstore people are being uber flakey; i really only applied for it because it was there and i was qualified for it. they sent me an email yesterday at 4:3opm asking if i could come in for an interview today at 11am. well, um, no. i told you in my cover letter that i'm still working; i'll need more than 18 hours' notice to take off during work hours. so i wrote back all nice and professional and enthusiastic, explained the situation, gave times wheni'd be available to come in for an interview, bla bla bla etcetera. and i haven't heard back. like, did she send the email and just assume i was coming? whatever. it's retail for chrissake.

the other job i actually kind of want. it's a real big people job with a salary and benefits and all, and i'd be doing work to make the city shiny. and anyone who knows me knows how excited i get about the decorations every year. they're also out here in the 'stori, equaling very short commute especially coming home, and easy access to my studio after work. so that might actually be a good spot for me. the trouble is this: they responded via email yesterday evening to my inquiry, telling me to call today. i called today, and promptly got hung up on. i then understood why it is that they need office help. i called back, and couldn't get through to the person i needed to speak with, so i left a message with the secretary or receptionist or whoever it was. an hour and a half later, i still hadn't heard back. so i replied to the emaili'd received, saying that i tried to call but wasn't able to reach her, i'm sure she's very busy, call me at her convenience bla bla bla. well, here it is after 7pm. no return email. no phone call. so wtf? do they want to talk to me or what? i know, patience, patience. but geez . why tell me to call if you're going to be too busy to talk? why send an email if you can't reply to one? it's feeling kind of odd, and kind of like a blow off. but we'll see.

as far as the nonprofits that i actually want to be working for, since the sustainable table debacle i've applied with Just Food, Oceana, the Rainforest Alliance, the New York Restoration Project, and The Cloud Institute. none of them are like, omg, this is totally what i want to be doing! but all of them are worthwhile nonprofits working on environmental issues that have something to do with my goal issues, and all of them are hiring for positions i'm qualified for. however, none have responded. i am the sadness.


and now, for the evening idealist check.

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