Sunday, February 17, 2008

it's just sick.

did you know that you don't have to go to the emergency room for a fever until it gets up to like 106 and you're kind of delirious? yeah, we just found it out this weekend. see, all the websites say that an adult temperature of over 103 is dangerous, or at least something to take notice of, call a doctor about. so when mine got up to 104, i was kind of upset. yeah, we knew it was only the flu. but, you know, the flu kills people. i know, i know, only the very old and the very young and people with compromised immune systems... like me! ok, ok, but i'm not dying. nor was i ever very close (at all) to dying. it's just that for a few hours there i was afraid of some brain damage. but no, none for me, thanks.

and of course the very best part of all is that as soon as i'm back on my feet, i'll need to run into the office! woo! because of course we have to serve the opp to the motion on tuesday, and of course i was in bed sick on friday... and to think, i was foolish enough to dream of whiling away the hours of my long weekend in the new studio... ho hum. maybe if i whine about it it'll make it better.

by the way, don't catch the flu strain that's going around this year. it sucks major ass.