Sunday, January 27, 2008

the wrong leg(s).

hi. have you met me? i'm the girl that got 18" legs for my 63" work table (instead of the legs that expand to 36", hi what) and then sent my adoring and awesome boyfriend to new jersey (again for the second time this weekend to new jersey - we were there yesterday) to get me the right ones... after yelling at him. because i'm freaking awesome. or because i suck ass. you know. whichever.

yeah, that ikea furniture is a blast.

other than torturing my boyfriend, who did eventually make it back with the right legs and save the table part of the day, things went pretty well. my furniture is all assembled (thank you LAURA! thank you JASON! thank you Josh and Monica for at least making it out with some enthusiasm... and thanks to the rest who would have liked to come and were there in spirit). the place is still trashed, but whatev. that's no big deal compared to what we've accomplished. the really fun part will be breaking down all of the cardboard. there's some kind of clause in my lease that i'll be fined like $300 if i throw out cardboard that's larger than 12" x 12" or something crazy. i have to check the fine print again. actually, there isn't really fine print. it's a pretty decent lease and the guys that run the studio are forthright. they'll just pass any fine from the city on to me, fairly enough. so.

i have a furnished studio.

now i have to create some art. now i have to deliver. hmm.

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